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Ategra’s policies, actions and outcomes ensure consistent application of quality methods and control measures to monitor, review and improve our work practices and management systems and to demonstrate to customers that the organisation meets the requirements of quality assurance standards AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and the IT industry specific ITIL.

  • Product and service quality – Ategra knows that the quality and reliability of the company’s products and services are the concern of every person in the organisation.  It is our policy to supply our customers with a service that is suitable for their intended use and which conform to contractual and any relevant or previously agreed specifications,
  • Environment – Ategra is committed to reducing impacts on the environment associated with its business activities and to implementing best practices to support environmental sustainability.
  • Equal opportunity and anti-discrimination – Ategra is committed to: ensuring cross cultural awareness, respect and appropriate communication, actions and resultant outcomes, in our work with and for clients; complying with the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Act; providing a workplace that promotes a culture in which every employee has the opportunity to learn and develop to achieve their full potential; treating all employees, contractors and visitors with respect and dignity.
  • Local Training – Ategra provides training and career pathways for young Territorians and the continued development of our staff.
  • Safety, Drugs and alcohol – Ategra is committed to a safe, healthy and productive workplace for all employees.  As such we have a zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
  • Support for charities – Ategra supports a wide range of community and sporting groups in the Northern Territory.  We also provide a series of grants that give selected charities free or reduced rate IT support.

The management of Ategra recognises that a complete commitment to quality throughout our operations is the key to achieving these objectives.